Three Tips for Designing A Home You Love Waking Up In
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We all want to have a home that's beautifully designed and furnished, but what are the essential steps to getting there? We recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Domino Mag showcasing one of our favorite design projects: a guest house remodel in Santa Barbara, California. Initially, the client wasn't sure which direction to go with the design, so we suggested creating a rejuvenating space inspired by the coastal views that wrap 180 degrees around this property. The result is all about color, texture, and welcoming spaces that invited you to sit, gather and relax.

Tip One: Don't Skimp on Planning

As with all our clients, the first step to crafting a beautifully designed and curated home is developing a cohesive vision and plan. Some important questions to consider: How will this space be used? How do you want the space to feel? How do you want the space to flow from room to room? It can be easy to want to skip, or skimp on this step, but without proper planning it's easy to invest in pieces that you love individually, but don't work cohesively with the overall design.

Tip Two: Pick Pieces that Mesh with your Design Plan & Speak to your Gut

We began creating the beach-inspired space by selecting pieces like overstuffed couches with neutral upholstery and hardy suar wood accents that wouldn't require a coaster. With the design plan in mind, it was easier for us to spot and pick the pieces that worked with the overall aesthetic and were in line with the client's taste.

Tip Three: Layering in Color & Texture 

Once the big elements were selected, it was time to layer in color and texture to create warmth and accessibility. For this project, we brought in a range of blue accents, from deep indigo to bright turquoise. We sourced art featuring intense moments of blue to subtle, more textural pieces, and then brought the blue tones down into the plush couches with accent pillows. Together, all these pops of blue tie the space together visually, making the space feel lived-in and authentic.

For more design tips, and to see the before and after of this beach house transformation, visit Domino Mag right here

 Photos: Nancy Neil

November 16, 2015
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