Stacked Bracelets

Silk + Cotton Camis

Handwoven Poncho

Braided Leather Bag with Fringe

White on White

Beach Tote

Leather + Tahitian Pearls + Wood Beads

Spring Style


Handwoven Poncho


Luxe Python Handbag


Styling found me at the age of sixteen. Discovered by a Los Angeles photographer, I was quickly catapulted into a career as a commercial stylist for advertising campaigns, album covers and music videos for some of the most sought-after artists of the time. My extraordinary adventure evolved into personal styling and shopping, which remains - to this day - one of my favorite excuses to play dress-up.

I seek undiscovered objects; pieces that enhance and beautify. I hand-select and co-design clothing, jewelry and accessories from Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico, French Polynesia and Tahiti, to create a continuously-evolving collection of pieces my clients will love. The goal is always to unbridle intrinsic beauty and awaken true, authentic style.

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